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For 25 years, Shelton Group has been at the forefront of technology communications excellence. In today’s dynamic and rapidly evolving market, companies need an integrated communications strategy and team. To answer that need, we provide to public and private companies:

By uniting the two disciplines, Shelton Group helps to ensure a unified message to stakeholders while protecting, enhancing and building a company’s reputation through increased awareness and engagement.

Welcome to Communications Reimagined. Welcome to Shelton Group


Our team of experienced professionals each make a unique and impactful contribution to the success of our firm.


Differentiating your brand and business products or services in today’s dynamic markets. It’s what we do.


Trusted strategic advisors, experienced practitioners, proactive team approach.  We are committed to creating value.


Shelton Group utilizes a knowledge based approach drawn from deep experience and expertise in investor and public relations.

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Our Philosophy

Investment. Involvement. Achievement.

Our philosophy is simple, our approach straightforward.

We work closely and honestly with our clients to analyze their specific needs, goals and challenges. This enables us to recommend and drive strategic and realistic PR and IR programs tailored to yield maximum results and value.

We strive to uncover new ways to promote your enterprise, and proactively make thoughtful, strategic recommendations. At Shelton Group, brainstorming is a daily activity. We are committed to making a difference for you and your business.

Our philosophy on client success comes down to three important words: Investment, Involvement and Achievement. We make an Investment in your business. Our integral Involvement on your behalf adds superior value. Finally, we consistently deliver Achievements that make a difference to your business success.

Trust, Rapport, Value

Our Commitment to Clients

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