The Shelton Advantage

  • Trusted strategic advisors

  • Experienced practitioners

  • Proactive team approach

  • Extensive relationship network

  • Outstanding results-based performance

  • Measurable value creation

  • Reliable and resourceful

  • Intense focus on precise execution

Shelton Group is a strategic communications firm that has successfully elevated the role of IR and PR by providing extensive financial and/or brand analysis, market intelligence, investor and industry analyst feedback and reporting metrics with quantifiable and measurable results for our clients. Our senior IR and PR practitioners are committed to creating value for clients by working hard, being responsive 24/7, and serving as a reliable and trusted resource.

Our Philosophy

Investment. Involvement. Achievement.

Our philosophy is simple, our approach straightforward.  We work closely and honestly with our clients to analyze their specific needs, goals and challenges. This enables us to recommend and drive strategic and realistic PR and IR programs tailored to yield maximum results and value.

We strive to uncover new ways to promote your enterprise, and proactively make thoughtful, strategic recommendations. At Shelton Group, brainstorming is a daily activity. We are committed to making a difference for you and your business.

Our philosophy on client success comes down to three important words: Investment, Involvement and Achievement. We make an Investment in your business. Our integral Involvement on your behalf adds superior value. Finally, we consistently deliver Achievements that make a difference to your business success.

Why Hire an Agency?

We play a key role in providing market intelligence to senior management and the board of directors for use in strategic decision-making. Utilizing an agency is a cost-effective way for a company to obtain a team of seasoned professionals who are well versed in investor relations and public relations. As part of that relationship, clients have immediate access to the resources and knowledge base that have been previously established by the agency. It can take a significant amount of time and resources for a company to build an internal IR or marketing/PR department, whereas an agency has the infrastructure and relationships in place to efficiently and effectively implement a successful communications program in a timely manner.

Why Hire Shelton Group?

Proactive Approach

Our team members have worked on both the corporate and agency side of investor relations and public relations, and we understand your internal needs as a corporate client as well as how to create value as an agency. As such, we don’t wait for you to come to us with ideas, but rather we proactively approach you with strategies, recommendations and tactics that will best support your communication efforts.

For IR, we are speaking to the financial community on a daily basis on behalf of our clients, so we are in the best position to be able to present your story to not only any investor, but the right investor. Our outreach programs have consistently secured a large majority of our clients’ new institutional shareholders. In fact, we not only present new ideas to our database of investors, but they also come to us looking for new ideas. We believe this proactive approach is the best way to maximize your investment in an IR program.

For PR, we are constantly thinking of new and creative ways to highlight your messaging, business, products and executive team. Whether it is a well-placed earned media article, contributed column or blog, speaking opportunity, award opportunity, or using social media to greater benefit your company and reach your target audience, we consistently deliver results that get your company noticed.

Commitment to Value

Each of our team members take personal pride in the service that we provide to clients, and we spend a considerable amount of time applying ‘out of the box’ thinking in order to deliver measurable value to clients. This isn’t something that happens at one point in time, but rather a daily work ethic that each team member employs. It is our desire to establish working partnerships with client companies that offer flexibility and agility to expand and grow over time as the needs of the company may change. Furthermore, we put significant time and energy in creating quantifiable results for clients. These results are the basis of our strong reputation and value-added services, and THE reason we maintain one of the highest client retention rates in the industry.

Customized Programs

We believe that no two companies are exactly alike and therefore no two programs are alike. Each of our clients has unique needs that require a program tailored to their specific needs. Many firms use a ‘one-size fits all’ approach that falls short of achieving the desired results. Our IR and PR programs range from full service turnkey support to more focused programs to expand the reach of a company’s internal departments. No matter the stage your company, our programs are designed to achieve specific goals and objectives at each stage of development. We want to grow with our clients to develop long-term partnerships for years to come.

Our Commitment to Clients


  • Solid foundation in IR and corporate communications since 1994

  • Strategic advisers act as an invaluable resource

  • Senior-level talent actively participates on your account

  • Responsive and available even outside business hours


  • Continuity through long-term relationships and team approach

  • Strong working relationships with you and your team

  • Proactive communication of program activities, progress and success


  • Extensive network of professional contacts

  • Recommendations designed to support and enhance client objectives

  • Proactive approach to achieving measurable results